Georgia is the country of ancient and richest traditions. It is with faith that we have preserved some sort of tradition.

Every visitor who has arrived in Georgia about Georgian traditions is probably listening to a lot.

These traditions are changing faster than people think. Many "traditions" have appeared in recent times.

Despite this, Georgia is characterized by some cultural signs that everybody recognizes, such as hospitality, loyalty to friendship and family.

Supra is a Georgian achievement and can be said to be a significant achievement of the spiritual cultural tradition.

Now a days it is one of the strongest identifying signs of Georgians. The Georgian table structure is simple, its elements are: wine, bread (in general, food meaning), toast and song.

The interchange and harmonious combination of these four elements creates the Georgian table.

Tradition of Georgian table is different for each region. (Gourmet feast, Kakhetian feast, Imereti feast and so on)The tradition of wine is closely related to the tradition of winemaking.

Georgian people created winemaking culture for thousands of years, working as a wines for table wines (Kakhetian, Kartli, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Abkhazian and other) and dessert wine making.

This is confirmed by ancient archaeological excavations found in Georgian territory: clay pitchers, gold, silver and bronze pieces and other items.

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